Sunday, December 7, 2008

Perfect Score at Riverside - NH

OMG. I am beyond impressed with my little girl right now. Not only did we get the 2 Qs we need to qualify for Nationals, she also Qd in the other two classes today (4/4). A first for us!

I had major doubts about our Snooker (lvl2) and Jumpers (lvl3) runs. They were VERY twisty turning and real handler finesse was needed. Level 3 Jumpers is A LOT different than Levels 1/2. It's an awesome feeling when hard work has finally paid off. I wish we had a chance to try out some weave poles. After we got our needed amount of points in Fullhouse we were going to attempt them. As soon as I sent her in the whistle blew so I started off towards the Table. And of course.... she nails her entry!

We still need some tunnel work. A couple times it was a pain getting her in... but then sometimes she had no problems going in? Maybe its a sign she's getting better?... She did do some awesome send-outs for me, was even able to get a rear cross or two on her without getting upset with me.
We are now in Level 3 for Colors, Snooker, Fullhouse, and Jumpers - and actually only need one more Level 3 Q! No more messing around... it's time to dig in our heels and get some more practicing in... WE RUNNIN WITH THE BIG DAWGS NOW!!

Today's Accomplishments:
Q and 1st in Level 2 ColorsQ and 3rd in Level 3 FullhouseQ and 1st in Level 2 SnookerQ and 3rd in Level 3 Jumpers

**And actually - which just blows me off my feet - my friend watching my runs overheard quite a few people commenting on how far Kiba and I have come (especially since our last trial). I never get compliments like that! If Kiba wasn't on a diet she'd be getting a big fat juicy steak tonight!


Meg said...

Huge congratulations to you! :) YAY!

Jules said...

Congratulations to you and Kiba!! Now my fingers and paws are crossed you make the draw!! We would love to see you run there. I am hoping to make it out for a day of cheering on the Schnauzer-folk.