Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Procrastinating Sucks

So I keep putting off sending in a few premiums. I have the money, just keep forgetting to drag my ass down to the store and getting a few money orders (even though where I work sells them!).

So now, two trials that I wanted to enter are full. What really kills me is that one of them is 35 minutes from my house! Garrr!!!

So no Muddy Paws for us, no fun Halloween run with our friends, and no Happy Tails.
And what is left for the year to enter? NOTHING! There's one stinkin trial! Sending in that premium today (its at All Dogs). And I'm gonna stalk, and wait, until premiums open up and send it in on opening day. I've learned my lesson!

We only need 8 more Qs to get our Level 2 title, and qualify us for CPE Nationals (which I really really really really want to go since it's only a few hours away from me). IF she does good at Bo-Gee then we'll only need a Q or two at ADG.

Cross your fingers!!
Oh, and we may do a USDAA trial at ADG too. Maybe not any Standards run as they have 12 weave poles and I dont want to scare the poor girl when we've just started [weaves]!

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