Saturday, October 11, 2008

PQ for Bo-Gee

Well it's that time again... time to make some PQ's! Haven't trialed in about two months, but we have taken classes in the time in between.

My PQ for the Oct 18-19th Bo-Gee trial in Deerfield, NH: (in order of importance)

1. Complete one set of weave poles successfully.
2. Hold stay at startline.
3. Enter weave poles successfully
4. Try weave poles.
5. Q in Standard at least once.

6. Make time or be under (with faults).

For the USDAA match the day before:

1-4 of the previous PQs, and
5. Make time (so I can decide if she's ready to play in USDAA or not).

1 comment:

Jules said...

Good luck this weekend. We'll be playing in NADAC this weekend.