Thursday, October 2, 2008

Food Experiment - part 3

I've been experimenting with the Roo's food. Stryder has some sort of allergy, and am now trying to find a food that works with him. Kiba seems to have some minor allergies as well, though not as bad as Stryder. Stryder's ears will get all red and yeasty, and he will itch like crazy. Kiba usually gets a little bit itchy and her coat gets all greasy-like. And now that I think of it, Stryder has not been itching AT ALL for a good long while... maybe it's the low-quality food I've been feeding him?

First food we "started over with" was Purina ONE - sensitive stomach. I cant believe how soft and plush their coats were, it was unbelievable. But their poops were coming out the same color as went in, and they were too big and soft for my liking.

Second food, was Eukanuba - Adult formula. Better poops, but Stryder's became all red and inflamed again, and Kiba's coat is all nasty and even she is itching.

And here we come to the food we are currently trying, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover. Today is only day two, but there has been no itching today. And the kibble pieces are cute! I really want to get him brake-fast bowl as he inhales his food then sits their burping out air and/or trying not to throw up. Great. At least he's garding his bowl a bit more from Kiba now and not letting her push him to the side and eating his share. LOL. Little piggie!


Peculiar Dream said...

Love ya Mere, "cute kibble" who else says this!

We must get together and share a bowl sometime.

Jules said...

Mere: If you crate when you feed you can scatter his kibble on the crate floor. That way he can't gulp!

My in-laws ms is doing really well on Pinnacle - I suspect because it has less ingredients! and no chicken! (she doesn't tolerate chicken well.)

MericoX said...

Thanks for the idea Jules! I'm also thinking of getting him that brake-fast bowl. Stryder doesnt actually have a crate, but hope to get him one this weekend. They actually eat on my bed! LOL