Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bo-Gee, NH Trial Results

All I can say, is that we have ALOT to work on between now and December's All Dog trial: weave pole entries and continuing to the end, sending out to tunnels at a standstill and whilst running, and this foot/ankle biting thing. I do have to say she ran VERY NICE for the most part, nice and flowy. I need to remember to keep our runs more of an easy flow in the non-numbered games (Fullhouse, Jackpot, Snooker).

We did achieve our very first Standard Level 2 Q! I did have to force her to finish her last couple of weaves (actually twice as she popped out at the 4th pole the first time, and then popped out again on the 5th one - which I just wanted to boop her butt right in! LOL). We also achieved our first Level 3 Q (in Fullhouse). We almost Qd in Jackpot and Snooker on Day 2, but this balking at the tunnel thing... and she wouldn't get in for the life of me. We did score a 4th place in Snooker though, actually BEAT another dog (by one point!).

So we can add:
10/19/08 - Q and 3rd, Standard (2) @ Bo-Gee
10/19/08 - Q and 3rd, Fullhouse (3) @ Bo-Gee

to her list of Qs and such. Only 7 more to be able to qualify for Nationals by mid-Feb.!!!


Meg said...

Congratulations on your successes! There's always things that "need to be worked on" and it's good you can balance the "what we need to work on" with the "that went well."

Pictures? :-)

Jules said...


Was wondering how it went. Did you have a Schnauzer-Power Party?

Peculiar Dream said...

I wish I knew what all this talk meant :(
Good luck with your endeavors Mere!

Give the fuzz heads a kiss from me and my crew.

Molly said...

Awesome job!!