Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures to Follow


*EDIT* I'm still waiting to hear back about our pictures... getting kinda pissed now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bo-Gee, NH Trial Results

All I can say, is that we have ALOT to work on between now and December's All Dog trial: weave pole entries and continuing to the end, sending out to tunnels at a standstill and whilst running, and this foot/ankle biting thing. I do have to say she ran VERY NICE for the most part, nice and flowy. I need to remember to keep our runs more of an easy flow in the non-numbered games (Fullhouse, Jackpot, Snooker).

We did achieve our very first Standard Level 2 Q! I did have to force her to finish her last couple of weaves (actually twice as she popped out at the 4th pole the first time, and then popped out again on the 5th one - which I just wanted to boop her butt right in! LOL). We also achieved our first Level 3 Q (in Fullhouse). We almost Qd in Jackpot and Snooker on Day 2, but this balking at the tunnel thing... and she wouldn't get in for the life of me. We did score a 4th place in Snooker though, actually BEAT another dog (by one point!).

So we can add:
10/19/08 - Q and 3rd, Standard (2) @ Bo-Gee
10/19/08 - Q and 3rd, Fullhouse (3) @ Bo-Gee

to her list of Qs and such. Only 7 more to be able to qualify for Nationals by mid-Feb.!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

PQ for Bo-Gee

Well it's that time again... time to make some PQ's! Haven't trialed in about two months, but we have taken classes in the time in between.

My PQ for the Oct 18-19th Bo-Gee trial in Deerfield, NH: (in order of importance)

1. Complete one set of weave poles successfully.
2. Hold stay at startline.
3. Enter weave poles successfully
4. Try weave poles.
5. Q in Standard at least once.

6. Make time or be under (with faults).

For the USDAA match the day before:

1-4 of the previous PQs, and
5. Make time (so I can decide if she's ready to play in USDAA or not).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kiba got Attacked on Tuesday...

So we were at the Kennebunk Dog Park on Tuesday... for about 3 and a half hours. Killing time and wearing the dogs out before class when...

I was playing tug with both dogs. Two dogs come over to us (running but not full out running) and I dropped the tug so the other dogs wouldn't get upset about it. And I had thought dropping the toy was a good idea... dropped it as soon as I saw both dogs coming towards us. (There was another dog but it ran away when they started fighting). Kiba turns to see the other dogs (didn't bite or snark at them). She turns around back to me and this dog (Bella) jumps on her back. Bella looked like... a terrier/greyhound mix. Skinny body.. terrier shagginess to her.

Kiba's screaming.. dog's on her. Stryder come out of no where (I think he walked off with the toy) and body slams the dog barking and growling at it. Kiba turns and goes after the dog. Dog starts coming back.. I'm trying to get Kiba away...

Dog's zeroing in on Kiba again... I get Kiba to me... Stryder again is body slamming the dog. They finally stop... and the dog comes back again, and at that point I was able to move forwards and yell at it and made myself look threatening to get it to go AWAY.

During the whole thing... I hear the owner yell ONCE. I pick up Kiba, bring her to a bench and check her over for bites, check her ears, eyes, nose, tail, mouth etc. About 5 minutes later... the owner is like.. "Is she alright?" - without mind you, the least note of compassion or concern.

We stayed in the little dog section after that.

Stryder got some extra hugs in too. I don't know how it would've ended if he wasn't there getting that other dog off of Kiba.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Procrastinating Sucks

So I keep putting off sending in a few premiums. I have the money, just keep forgetting to drag my ass down to the store and getting a few money orders (even though where I work sells them!).

So now, two trials that I wanted to enter are full. What really kills me is that one of them is 35 minutes from my house! Garrr!!!

So no Muddy Paws for us, no fun Halloween run with our friends, and no Happy Tails.
And what is left for the year to enter? NOTHING! There's one stinkin trial! Sending in that premium today (its at All Dogs). And I'm gonna stalk, and wait, until premiums open up and send it in on opening day. I've learned my lesson!

We only need 8 more Qs to get our Level 2 title, and qualify us for CPE Nationals (which I really really really really want to go since it's only a few hours away from me). IF she does good at Bo-Gee then we'll only need a Q or two at ADG.

Cross your fingers!!
Oh, and we may do a USDAA trial at ADG too. Maybe not any Standards run as they have 12 weave poles and I dont want to scare the poor girl when we've just started [weaves]!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I want these books!

I want this book.
And this one.
And this one as well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Food Experiment - part 3

I've been experimenting with the Roo's food. Stryder has some sort of allergy, and am now trying to find a food that works with him. Kiba seems to have some minor allergies as well, though not as bad as Stryder. Stryder's ears will get all red and yeasty, and he will itch like crazy. Kiba usually gets a little bit itchy and her coat gets all greasy-like. And now that I think of it, Stryder has not been itching AT ALL for a good long while... maybe it's the low-quality food I've been feeding him?

First food we "started over with" was Purina ONE - sensitive stomach. I cant believe how soft and plush their coats were, it was unbelievable. But their poops were coming out the same color as went in, and they were too big and soft for my liking.

Second food, was Eukanuba - Adult formula. Better poops, but Stryder's became all red and inflamed again, and Kiba's coat is all nasty and even she is itching.

And here we come to the food we are currently trying, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover. Today is only day two, but there has been no itching today. And the kibble pieces are cute! I really want to get him brake-fast bowl as he inhales his food then sits their burping out air and/or trying not to throw up. Great. At least he's garding his bowl a bit more from Kiba now and not letting her push him to the side and eating his share. LOL. Little piggie!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kiba's Accomplisments 2007 to Present

Here are Kiba's accomplishments to date in CPE agility (titles are highlighted):

07/27/08 - Q and 2nd, Jumpers (2) @ EMAC CL2-F
07/26/08 - Can/Am Games, timed at 59.63 including 5 second distance bonus (woot!) @EMAC
07/26/08 - Q and 3rd, Fullhouse (2) @ EMAC
06/08/08 - Q and 3rd, Jackpot (2) @ Happy Tails
06/08/08 - Q and 3rd, Fullhouse (2) @ Happy Tails
06/07/08 - Q and 2nd, Wildcard (2) @ Happy Tails
06/07/08 - Q and 1st, Snooker (2) @ Happy Tails
06/07/08 - Q and 2nd, Jumpers (2) @ Happy Tails
05/03/08 - Q and 3rd, Colors (2) @ EMAC

******LEVEL ONE TITLE**************

02/17/08 - Q and 3rd, Wildcard (1) @ EMAC CL1-H
02/17/08 - Q and 2nd, Colors (1) @ EMAC
02/16/08 - Q and 2nd, Jackpot (1) @ EMAC CL1-S
02/16/08 - Q and 2nd, Standard (1) @ EMAC CL1-R
02/16/08 - Q and 4th, Standard (1) @ EMAC
02/16/08 - Q, Fullhouse (1) @ EMAC CL1-F
10/20/07 - Q and 3rd, Snooker (1) @ Bo-Gee
10/20/07 - Q and 1st, Jumpers (1) @ Bo-Gee

About me and my Dogs

'Ello there! Welcome to me blog!

My name is Meredith, I am 23 years old and currently living in East Waterboro, Maine. I started this blog to keep track the progress that my dogs and I make in all the activities that we do: agility, manners, and soon hope to start rally-o, flyball, and maybe some competition obedience.

And the introductions:

Kiba is a 4 year old, black, female, Miniature Schnauzer born on July 12th, 2oo4. She is my true heart dog, my cuddlebug, my pal. We just look at each other and know what the other is thinking (or so I think!). Though no conformation girl, her registered name is "Meredisu's Ookami Purinsesu" CL1, CL2-F.

Stryder is a 2.5 year old, black, male, Miniature Schnauzer born January 4th, 2006. He is a typical momma's boy, a goofball, just all around fun guy that LOVES to play and LOVES toys. He has so much drive it's unbelievable, well at least compared to Kiba. He is.. still in training. I hope to debut him in the early/late spring if we can get some training under our belt this winter. Another non-comformist, his registered name is "Meredisu's Samurai in Stryde".

Right now, I am only competing in CPE agility with Kiba, basically because the lower levels did not have any weave poles in them. But hopefully we can soon turn that around!

I hope anyone out there will enjoy our posts, and keep up and cheer us on when we're out there!

Run clean, Run fast, Have fun!