Sunday, March 1, 2009

New State, New Blog

I've moved to Texas... it's been 8 days (weird I'm counting).

So I've decided to start a new blog following my "new beginning".

Check it out!

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Addition to the Family...

It's my new camera! A Nikon D40 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm VR lenses.

Be warned now... more pictures will come! Mwahahahaha!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

6th Photo

I stole this from PWCORGI! You pick the 6th folder of your photo storing archive and then take the 6th picture from within that folder to share.Then tag 6 other people:

Kiba and I were on our way in my old messy car to goto agility class. Probably sometime this summer. Isnt's she cute on her blankie!!!

I tag: Ike, Bug, Mollie, and Buzz.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Perfect Score at Riverside - NH

OMG. I am beyond impressed with my little girl right now. Not only did we get the 2 Qs we need to qualify for Nationals, she also Qd in the other two classes today (4/4). A first for us!

I had major doubts about our Snooker (lvl2) and Jumpers (lvl3) runs. They were VERY twisty turning and real handler finesse was needed. Level 3 Jumpers is A LOT different than Levels 1/2. It's an awesome feeling when hard work has finally paid off. I wish we had a chance to try out some weave poles. After we got our needed amount of points in Fullhouse we were going to attempt them. As soon as I sent her in the whistle blew so I started off towards the Table. And of course.... she nails her entry!

We still need some tunnel work. A couple times it was a pain getting her in... but then sometimes she had no problems going in? Maybe its a sign she's getting better?... She did do some awesome send-outs for me, was even able to get a rear cross or two on her without getting upset with me.
We are now in Level 3 for Colors, Snooker, Fullhouse, and Jumpers - and actually only need one more Level 3 Q! No more messing around... it's time to dig in our heels and get some more practicing in... WE RUNNIN WITH THE BIG DAWGS NOW!!

Today's Accomplishments:
Q and 1st in Level 2 ColorsQ and 3rd in Level 3 FullhouseQ and 1st in Level 2 SnookerQ and 3rd in Level 3 Jumpers

**And actually - which just blows me off my feet - my friend watching my runs overheard quite a few people commenting on how far Kiba and I have come (especially since our last trial). I never get compliments like that! If Kiba wasn't on a diet she'd be getting a big fat juicy steak tonight!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures to Follow


*EDIT* I'm still waiting to hear back about our pictures... getting kinda pissed now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bo-Gee, NH Trial Results

All I can say, is that we have ALOT to work on between now and December's All Dog trial: weave pole entries and continuing to the end, sending out to tunnels at a standstill and whilst running, and this foot/ankle biting thing. I do have to say she ran VERY NICE for the most part, nice and flowy. I need to remember to keep our runs more of an easy flow in the non-numbered games (Fullhouse, Jackpot, Snooker).

We did achieve our very first Standard Level 2 Q! I did have to force her to finish her last couple of weaves (actually twice as she popped out at the 4th pole the first time, and then popped out again on the 5th one - which I just wanted to boop her butt right in! LOL). We also achieved our first Level 3 Q (in Fullhouse). We almost Qd in Jackpot and Snooker on Day 2, but this balking at the tunnel thing... and she wouldn't get in for the life of me. We did score a 4th place in Snooker though, actually BEAT another dog (by one point!).

So we can add:
10/19/08 - Q and 3rd, Standard (2) @ Bo-Gee
10/19/08 - Q and 3rd, Fullhouse (3) @ Bo-Gee

to her list of Qs and such. Only 7 more to be able to qualify for Nationals by mid-Feb.!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

PQ for Bo-Gee

Well it's that time again... time to make some PQ's! Haven't trialed in about two months, but we have taken classes in the time in between.

My PQ for the Oct 18-19th Bo-Gee trial in Deerfield, NH: (in order of importance)

1. Complete one set of weave poles successfully.
2. Hold stay at startline.
3. Enter weave poles successfully
4. Try weave poles.
5. Q in Standard at least once.

6. Make time or be under (with faults).

For the USDAA match the day before:

1-4 of the previous PQs, and
5. Make time (so I can decide if she's ready to play in USDAA or not).